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Acoustic certificate in Malaga

In the world of engineering, each project carries with it a series of requirements and regulations that guarantee its viability and compliance with current regulations. In this sense, one of the key aspects, especially in the acoustic field, is obtaining the acoustic certificate. In PBM Engineering We understand the relevance of these certificates and how obtaining them has become an essential step for many projects.

When is an acoustic certificate necessary?

The need for an acoustic certificate arises in different phases of a project, mainly when involved in the construction, remodeling or adaptation of spaces. The current regulations requires obtaining these certificates to ensure that facilities comply with the acoustic quality standards established.

In Malaga are required in various contexts, such as opening of commercial premises, holding events, building homes, among others. These certificates are essential to ensure that the acoustic environment is compliant with regulations and does not cause discomfort to nearby residents and users.

Obtain an acoustic certificate with PBM Engineering

We understand the importance of ease the process of obtaining a certificates. Our team of experts is responsible for guiding our clients throughout each stage.

  1. Initial evaluation: We begin with an evaluation of the project to determine the specific needs in terms of acoustic control.
  2. Custom design: We develop acoustic solutions personalized that adapt to the unique characteristics of each project.
  3. Measurements and analysis: We carry out precise measurements to evaluate the noise level and acoustic quality of the space in question.
  4. Detailed report: We prepare a detailed report that includes the results of the measurements and the corrective actions applied.
  5. Certification procedure: We take care of manage all procedures necessary to obtain the acoustic certificate, thus guaranteeing compliance with the local regulations.
certificado acústico
acoustic simulator

Services related to the acoustic certificate

We offer comprehensive services to meet the noise regulations.

  • Environmental authorizations: According to the Environmental Quality Management Law, we provide acoustic studies with measurements and simulations to comply with legal limits.
  • environmental rating: Necessary for potentially noisy activities, such as pubs either workshops, requiring an acoustic study and measurement.
  • Responsible declaration: We inform the City Council that the activity complies with the law, including documentation, especially for noise-generating activities.
  • Opening license: Some City Councils require post-installation license noise measurement, demonstrating compliance with acoustic levels and insulation.
  • First occupation license: Fundamental to obtaining the occupation license, passing the acoustic tests and providing advice for success.
  • Judicial procedure: We measure levels and present results in a format accepted by the Administration of Justice.
  • Environmental synthesis: We attach this document to City Councils, specifying environmental aspects, such as the existence of machinery and noise level compliance certificates.

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At PBM Engineering we work throughout Malaga, we ensure that each project meets the required standards. Trust us to make your project comply with each regulatory requirement and guarantee an optimal acoustic environment.

Learn about our skills Engineer Malaga – Miguel Pulido Bendavid – Registered Engineer.

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