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Responsible declaration, major and minor work license

Diferencia entre declaración responsable y licencias de obra mayor y menor

When starting a project of any kind it is important to know differentiate some key concepts. In this article we are going to define what a responsible statement, a major work license and one minor work license.

First of all, what is the responsible declaration?

The responsible statement  It is a document in which a person, company or entity declares that it has fulfilled the legal requirements to carry out a specific activity. There is a declaration for each type of service and sector.

In the case of the declaration of responsibility for a work, by signing it, the contractor will accept all the responsibilities established in the contract and undertakes to carry out the work in the best possible way. In addition, it accepts responsibility for any damage that may occur during the execution of the work. .

This document contains the data related to the identification of the declarant, the activity to which he is dedicated, and compliance with the legal requirements necessary for his exercise. This document is a warranty for the rest of the agents affected by the activity carried out. Its validity is indefinite.

declaración responsable
Work that requires a major license

Secondly, the different types of building permits, how to differentiate a larger building license from a smaller one?

The building license It is a legal document issued by the local government that authorizes a company or person to carry out construction work. Ensures that work will be performed in accordance with local laws and codes.

  • major work license: It is granted for works that imply a substantial modification of the structure of a building, that is, for major construction works such as structural works, reconstructions and remodeling, for example, the construction of an additional floor, the expansion of a façade, the removal of interior partitions, etc.
  • minor work license: On the contrary, the minor works licenses are granted for minor works, such as the installation of a door, the construction of a terrace, that is, small construction works, it also includes installations of water, electricity, air conditioning and minor repairs.

In short, if a work is complex technically it will be classified as a major work and if the work Does not affect general building structures it will be considered a minor work.


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