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External expertise is a professional activity that consists of the issuance of an expert opinion by an expert in a specific matter. In this case, the expert is an independent professional who has technical, scientific and legal knowledge, and that is appointed by one or both parties involved in a legal or technical process to issue an impartial and objective report on the matter in question.

When is the external expertise requested?

An expert is consulted in various situations, such as when it comes to determine the cause of an accident, the quality of a product or the assessment of damage. The main objective is to issue a technical report that shed light on the topic under analysis.

External experts are usually engineers specialized in the matter to be evaluated, with extensive experience in their field of work and specific training in expertise. They can also be professionals from other fields who have the necessary knowledge and experience to carry out a technical and objective assessment.

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Situations that require an expert

One of the most common cases in which an external expert is used is in the field of insurance. When an accident or damage occurs, the insurance company may request the intervention of an external expert to determine the cause of the accident, the extent of the damage and its economic valuation.

In addition, external expertise can also be used in preventive situationssuch as risk assessment, safety inspections, and quality and regulatory compliance certifications. In these cases, external expertise makes it possible to identify and correct possible technical problems before damage or accidents occur.

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Regarding the selection of the expert, it is important that this is an independent and impartial professional, who does not have personal or commercial interests in the matter in question. Therefore, it is common for experts to be selected by mutual agreement between the parties involved, or appointed by a judge or arbitrator in cases of conflict.

On the other hand, external expertise requires a rigorous and objective process, which includes the evaluation of the available evidence, the performance of tests and trials, and the analysis of results. Once the expert has performed all these tasks, he issues a expert report that must be clear, precise and complete.

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In summary, external expertise is essential in the field of engineering that allows solving technical and legal problems that require the opinion of independent and objective experts. If you have any questions and need advice or any type of information, do not hesitate to contact Contact with PBM Engineering, we will be happy to assist you.

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